St Paul de Vence

Sometimes I think Paris is just too overrated. I won’t deny the beautiful of the city, ‘City of Love’, but people is just missing the other side of France!

I spent two years in French Riviera, hell yeah.. I studied in Nice and I used that precious time to explore the Southern of France.

Saint Paul de Vence is located in Southern of France in Alpes-Maritime commune. It is one of the oldest medieval town on the French Riviera. Yeah, I quoted this from Wikipedia.

It is a small and beautiful village with a lot of small art galleries. You just have to prepare to walk in this town and just enjoy the surrounding. You must walk through the small paths in this village and visit the church. You will see a magnificent view once you climbed all the stairs. (There are not a harsh climb, it’s just a lot of small footsteps)

It is a must-go list if you have plenty of time spent in French Riviera.

There is quite a crowd during summer.



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